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Dec 17

This week we took a trip air side to Heathrow Terminal 5. We were there to create a series of health and safety films for British Airways alongside AKT Productions. Working in and around an Airbus A320 for 5 days we put together a drama reconstruction - we filmed on a Sony FS7 and used an ABC 100 crane to get up high over the plane and capture the movements of the baggage handling machinery. Hopefully next time we are there we’ll be off on our next exotic trip abroad!!

#British Airways #ABC 100 crane #AKT #Health & Safety

Sept 17


We now have the Rhino EVO Slider with Rhino Motion and Arc. This nifty slider offers tons of filming opportunities both manually and as a motorised option - simply set your in and out points for the slider and use the dial to control the speed - it's silky smooth! You can also set the EVO up to be fully automated with the Rhino Motion and Rhino Arc. Preset the speed, distance and panning option, one click and off it goes - nice! This has been great for adding movement to a second angle on interviews, motion time-lapse and as a general purpose slider. We rig ours with both a Sony A7sII and Sony FS7 on the Manfrotto 502 tripod legs with a flat video head. Yes - the FS7 is a little heavy on the EVO but using the shorter 24" rails we can get some great sliding 4K RAW footage with the FS7 and Odyssey 7Q+ combo.

#Rhino Slider EVO #Rhino Arc #Rhino Motion #Sony A7SII


Aug 17

Having recently begun work on a new project producing a series of films for Shakespeares Globes Summer of Love season. we have already had the pleasure of producing four trailers, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Lions & Tigers and The White Devil and last week captured their latest performance of Much Ado About Nothing. The Mexican style interpretation of Shakespeare's Much Ado was a delight to film with action packed, fun filled and energised performances which made for exciting footage for our edit. Take a look at our latest offering of the Much Ado trailer. During the course of filming the Summer of Love project we have enjoyed exploring the depths of the Globes theatre company both front of house and backstage.

#Shakespeares Globe #Much Ado #Sony FS7 #Sony A7SII

Apr 17


We recently completed our BNUC-S qualification to fly drones commercially in the UK and abroad. The in-depth training involved a two-day theory course and practical exam. Following the passing of the exam, we wrote an operations manual for the company outlining the operational procedures to undertake aerial work safely and effectively. The final steps of the process involved a practical examination with Heliguy and with their approval we were given the green light to undertake aerial work commercially. Current drone rules mean that you cannot use a drone for commercial use unless you are licensed from the CAA. Having flown drones for many years now, it was great to finally be licensed and take out our drones professionally and offer drone filming for all our upcoming projects.

#Drone #Heliguy #BNUC-S #DJI Inspire

Apr 17


We hit the ground running this month with a new documentary for American PBS broadcaster, WTTW. Working alongside the American crew we provided a full aerial filming service across the UK following the story of Robert Adams and his architectural masterpieces nationwide. We got to fly over some spectacular buildings and witness a number of hidden gems around the British countryside.


At lot of fun was had by all and it was a great experience working alongside an American crew. We look forward to the next episode...!

#Robert Adams #Drone #WTTW #Architecture

Mar 17


Each year we do our best to work on a passion project intended to try out some new styles and put our equipment through their paces. This year in April we headed out to Lefkada, Greece to film a short promo video about the island. We put together a rough schedule for the week cramming the days to capture a huge array of footage in 4K & high speed to create a fast paced, stylised edit. With over 25K hits and counting we’re really pleased with the results - take a look at the film here.

#Lefkada #Greece #DJI Inspire #DJI Ronin

Feb 17


Kenco’s “Coffee Vs Gangs”  campaign has been helping to provide training and prospects to the young people of Honduras and kept people out of gangs. To raise awareness of this mission, Kenco toured the UK bringing their campaign to the public. We filmed them around the country capturing footage for their case study film to feature how the campaign has helped Honduran youths.

#CoffeeVsGangs #Kenco #Honduras #Coffee

Two junior school children sat in the garden
Sony FS700 filming in Classroom

Sept 17


This summer we went back to school - St George’s Weybridge school. They are coming up to their 150 year anniversary and commissioned us to create a celebratory film for the school’s past, present and future students. In collaboration with Pistachio Design we put together a collective narrative with a cross section of the school’s characters. Filming with Canon CinePrimes we created a filmic concept film that stayed as far away from a typical online school video as possible. The responses from the school’s commissioning board were very positive and the next stage of production are underway for the next stage of the video campaign. Take a look at the film here.

#StGeorgesWeybridge #CanonCinePrimes #DJIRonin #SonyFS700


Finger pressing Odyssey 7Q+

APR 15


Apple have released a new video codec into the film making & post production world, called ProRes 4444 XQ and it’s a beast. At 4K (4096 x 2160) it registers 1697 Mbps which equals 764 GB/hour of 4K video footage. The arguments for and against 4K and beyond are endless, but regardless, we love it - so we choose to shoot 4K and manage and the post production madness... best stock up on your storage!

#AppleProRes4444XQ #GRaid #DataWrangling

Eyes with different styles of eye shadow applied

JUN 15


We produced a film to show the infinite looks that could be created with their new ‘Nude’ eye shadow make up palette. We worked on an idea focussing purely on the eyes and the make up being applied. We wanted the make up to appear as if it were being applied by itself. To do this we had to create a head bracket that ensured our models eyes didn’t move.

Take a look at the results.

#Maybelline #Make Up #Canon C300

Man points 2K light at Nimrod cockpit
Sony FS700 filming in cockpit with sun pouring through windows



AKT Productions wanted to film the last moments of Flight AK100 of the Nimrod plane used by the RAF during the Afghanistan campaign. We were given free reign of a grounded Nimrod plane at Manchester Runway Museum. The cockpit was a tight environment to film in so we shot on the FS700 with Odyssey at 4k giving ourselves options in the edit. Shooting into a 20ft green screen mounted on towers in front of the plane gave us scope to comp in Afghan terrain into the windows.

#Nimrod #Afghanistan #ManchesterRunwayMuseum #Odyssey7Q+

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Aug 17

Sony FS700 filming in Classroom
Eyes with different styles of eye shadow applied

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